The Association of Language Schools of Slovakia is a multi-organizational non-governmental organization that aims to facilitate continuing education of schools and teachers, enterprises and society, supporting development of different competencies, as well as personal and professional skills. AJS cooperates with governmental and non-governmental organizations in order to improve the segment of language teaching on the Slovak market. It is open to other language schools that meet the quality criteria and share the AJS vision.

It was established in Bratislava in 2011. Today the Association is a founder of ELT forum conference, which is the largest conference for FL teachers in the Central Europe. Its recent members are: EMPIRE language school; International House Bratislava; PLUS Academia n.o.; Jazyková škola SPEAK, spol. s r.o.; Jazyková škola Your Choice, s.r.o.; HARMONY ACADEMY s.r.o.; and THE BRIDGE, ENGLISH LANGUAGE CENTRE, S.R.O..

The AJS Vision

To create a common career path and further education for FL teachers and trainers and implement this in language schools in Slovakia and other European countries.

The AJS Mission

Our mission is to improve the capacities of language schools, notably in the areas of strategic development, organizational management, leadership, and quality of learning provision, internationalization, equity and inclusion, qualitative and targeted activities for specific groups.

AJS has kindly extended an invitation to all language school owners, managers, trainers and teachers from Slovakia to the ADRIES 2018 conference. We are also proud to announce the president of the AJS Jana Chynoradská as one of our speakers.